What should I know about this nursery?

Our nursery is not the typical “nursery.” We desire our nursery to be a helpful, loving, well staffed, and a safe & secure place—a place of purpose and protection.  In order to accomplish this we have specific policies and procedures in place. If you have any questions at all our workers are more than happy to help you.  If you would like a list of our specific policies please ask a nursery worker.

How will the nursery help my baby?

It is a loving place.

We pray our nursery is a helpful place for you. A place where you can leave your children while you worship and fellowship, but we also pray our nursery is a loving place that will help your baby become all God intends him or her to be. Our nursery workers take their responsibilities seriously. They do not view themselves as babysitters but loving teachers. Each child is known by name and is never “just a number.” We also desire to minister to you the parent or guardian. We desire to provide a comfortable place for nursing mothers and assist you in your journey of parenthood any way possible.

Who will care for my baby?

It is a well staffed place.

Our church has made our nursery a priority. Not just anyone can care for our children. All lead nursery workers are capable adults who have completed an application, gone through a interview, had a nationwide background check, and completed a special training process.

How safe and clean is this nursery?

It is a safe & secure place.

Our nursery is a safe and secure place. To protect all children and teachers we have a healthy-child policy. Before any children arrive every week our volunteers clean and inspect the children’s play areas. When the nursery opens we have a sign-in & sign-out process. In case of an emergency our ushers have planned to treat our nursery as the church’s first priority. No one is allowed to pick up your children without your specific consent. We take your child’s well being and safety very seriously.

If you have any questions about our Nursery Ministry please don’t hesitate to contact us.