It is the goal of New Life Baptist Church to provide a safe environment for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of all children and youth participating in church activities. In light of this, NLBC has set forth the following safeguard policies to ensure the church’s children and workers are protected:

1. Church Membership —For accountability sake, all official ministry volunteers must be members of New Life Baptist Church. Any exemption must be approved by the pastoral staff.

2. Selection & Screening Process —All members wishing to officially work with children must first complete the church’s selection and screening process. This process includes completing an application detailing background information, prior ministry work, and personal references. The process also includes a background check. Details of an individuals selection and screening process are to remain confidential. Clergy members, deacons, primary ministry leaders (Sunday School Supervisor, Children’s Ministry Leader, & etc), and all candidates for ministerial license or ministerial/deacon ordination will be subject to a more thorough screening process due there increased visibility, responsibility, and “trust factor.”

3. Six Month Rule—Before being allowed to work with the church’s children, all applicants must have attended New Life for a minimum of six months. This requirement is to discourage those who “church hop” to prey on children. The pastoral staff may waive this requirement in certain extenuating circumstances.

4. Two Adult Rule—It is the goal of New Life Baptist Church that a minimum of two workers be in attendance at all times when children are being supervised. At least one of these must be an adult worker. In circumstances when one worker is absent, the classroom door should remain open. At no time should an adult be in a room or enclosed area alone with a child.

5. Proper Ratios —New Life desires to maintain a proper, reasonable ratio of adults to children in a classroom.

6. Emergency Preparedness—Children’s Ministry volunteers will be made aware of emergency procedures and first aid kits in the building. Furthermore it will be encouraged that primary leaders maintain first aid and CPR certification at the church’s expense.

7. Reporting Noteworthy Incidents—In order to protect our children and our workers, it is vital that an Incident Report Form be completed following any “noteworthy” incident on church property or during a church sponsored event.

8. Reporting Suspected Abuse—It is the policy of New Life Baptist Church to fully investigate and report suspected abuse in accordance with Iowa and Federal Laws