Snow Men (& women) needed
We have 4 teams to shovel snow on the sidewalks and by the door.
Each team begins on Monday through Sunday. They would love the extra help if you are available please see Pastor.
Snow Removal Captains/Schedule
1. Gary Moorhead 1st week of month
1st Monday through Sunday
2. Pastor Bob Allen  2nd week of month
2nd Monday through Sunday
3. Pastor Roger Vester 3rd week of month
3rd Monday through Sunday
4. Steve Underwood 4th week of month
4th Monday through Sunday
(Anyone wants to help; it will be appreciated)

Church Cleaners Needed
We need at least 3 volunteers to help clean our church. If you can help, please sign the side of the bulletin with your name and ph. # and place in the offering box or call Carline Kem 979-618-6985 for more information.

Last updated 1/27/2021