At New Life we believe God cares about every aspect of our lives, and we strive to honor Him in what we do and believe.  We are a community of faith made up of individuals who gather together to follow the Great Commandment and Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus is the only true answer to our sin problem and the only way to peace with God.  We desire to exalt God in all we do and we believe the Bible is God’s message and guidebook for all of life.  As you can tell  by our name, we are “Baptist” meaning we believe Christians ought to be baptized to declare their faith in God and His salvation.

The core of our church’s beliefs can be found in a document or doctrinal statement called The Baptist Faith and Message.  We believe The Baptist Faith and Message accurately states the Bible’s position on a wide variety of topics.

If you have other specific questions about what we believe and how we practice our beliefs we invite you to contact us; we would love to talk with you.