A Memorial to the Innocent

Today the youth group of NLBC set out a pro-life display entitled “A Memorial to the Innocent.” The display was created using flags to represent the 3,300 babies who die each day from abortion. This display exhibits only a small fraction of the estimated 53,000,000 plus babies that have been legally killed since January 22, 1973, but it is still both visually and mentally stunning.

The purpose of the display is to peacefully and powerfully show the daily impact of abortion and to let those who have experienced the pain of abortion know that there is hope in Jesus. The display is made up of pink flags with the message “Abortion Kills Babies” and blue flags with the message “Jesus Forgives” alternating over a large 183‟x18‟ area. Included in the display is an 8‟ banner explaining the meaning of the flags and an information board which gives information about local crisis pregnancy resources as well as overlooked facts surrounding abortion (Such as Abortion in Perspective and 3 Simple Questions).

On April 10, 2011, around 12pm, immediately following NLBC‟s morning worship service, there will be a brief time of dedication and prayer at the display.

When asked about the display Pastor Roger has said, “As we celebrate Christ conquering death this Easter, we pray this display will help our community consider the scope of death abortion brings on a daily basis.” While we expect there will be some who do not appreciate the message the display makes, NLBC unapologetically stands pro-life. New Life wants our community to see that being pro-life is not just being ‘anti-abortion.’ Being pro-life means celebrating and cherishing each and every life God gives us. This display is a means for us to honor and remember the children God gave us, but as a society have chosen to disregard.

Below are more pictures of “A Memorial to the Innocent;” high resolution pictures are available upon request.

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